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Winter cricket - looks like it's off

by Charlie Walker

Following the lockdown of some of our north west suburbs, it would appear that the winter cricket season is off for us - but the Mid Year Cricket Association has not had a definitive call.

Moonee Valley Cricket Club's winter comp ground at Fairbairn Park is in Ascot Vale - one of the locked-down postcodes - so we don't have a ground. And any of our players who live in the lock-down postcodes would be unable to play - as the four reasons to leave home don't include playing cricket.

If the lockdown is lifted at the end of July, there would be five weeks left on the current fixture - hardly enough for a season.

Following is the MYCA missive from July 1: 

Further to the previous post MYCA has decided to suspend the divisions within the lockdown affected areas until further notice.

After consultation with VMCU and Cricket Victoria we will continue our season as planned for all the rest of the divisions.

Those areas/divisions that are near the lockdown suburbs will have additional rules and regulations put in place.
These rules will apply for the remaining north and west divisions.

All clubs in the north and west will be contacted individually and we will explain the strict changes. There will be a zero tolerance policy in place for any breaches to those rules. Heavy penalties will apply for breaches as well as them being reported to the local government authorities.

MYCA promotes cricket and would love to see it being played, but player health and safety as well as the safety of the community is paramount.

Based on the new changes if any team or club wishes to withdraw from season 2020 please get in touch with us.

For any questions please contact:
All south and east teams contact Sandip 0414 562 780

All north, west and central teams contact me (Raj) 0401 939 123

A full list of new rules and regulations will be posted online this week.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.


July 1, 2020
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