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Latest advice on responding to COVID exposure


COVID advice – the latest information from Cricket Victoria on how to respond to COVID cases


What are the current quarantine / isolation rules re: COVID-19?

N.B.: The below is a guide only based on currently available information from DHHS. DHHS will confirm exact details re: individual circumstances and can be contacted via 1800 675 398


Positive case – 10 days home isolation. You must inform ‘household contacts’, ‘close contacts’, your employer, your cricket club and others you deem should know asap.

Household contacts – 7 days isolation (or 14 if not fully vaccinated). N.B.: This includes people who have been at the house of a positive case for 4+ hours.

Social contacts – Get tested, isolate and wait for a negative test result. N.B.: This includes those who have been in face to face contact with a positive case such as teammates at training and possibly opposition teams.


What advice is available to people who test positive or are deemed to be social contacts? 

See this checklist for more information – HTTPS://WWW.CORONAVIRUS.VIC.GOV.AU/CHECKLIST


Who determines whether a person is a social contact when it comes to cricket?

In some cases it will be the DHHS, however in most cases it will be based on time spent in near contact with the COVID-19 person – therefore based on the advice of the COVID-19 positive person or an authorised club representative.  The relevant time period is 48 hours prior to someone feeling symptoms or 48 hours before they tested positive (e.g. if a person tests positive on Wednesday night and you spent time with them on Monday or Tuesday night, you should get tested, isolate and wait for a negative result).


A ‘social contact’ can disagree with the need to isolate based on not spending time with / near the positive case and chose to not isolate, however if they then spend time with their teammates at training / matches they could unnecessarily risk them or others catching / spreading COVID. It is better to be safe than sorry.


If an opposition player tests positive to COVID, would our players need to test & isolate until receiving a negative result?

Any advice from DHHS would take precedence over the details below, however the following guidance should be used for consideration by Associations and Clubs in setting their own requirements:


(a) If the match finished more than 48 hours before the player received a positive test or developed symptoms:

Recommended – but not mandatory. At least monitor closely for symptoms


(b) If the match started within 48 hours from when the player received a positive test or developed symptoms:

Strongly recommended – for those who DID NOT spend 15 minutes+ in the same indoor space as the player AND


Required – for those who DID spend 15 minutes+ in the same indoor space as the player (e.g. afternoon tea / after-match socialising) or spent considerable time outdoors near the COVID-19 positive player.

If in any doubt – get tested. COVID test results are generally known within 24 hours and a negative result will help ensure that you help protect yourself and your family, friends, work colleagues etc.


November 26, 2021
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