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 Our Se ason laun ch 2020/2 1 - thiSa turday

The first function of the 2020/21 Season is this Saturday, November 21from 6.30pm to late in the Clubrooms. Bring your family and partners.  Shindig

Welcome everyone back to the club for the season opener for the Firsts, Seconds and the Fifths.
The Thirds, Fourths and Sixths will be into their second game. 
The Sevenths and Eighths will kick off their 2020/21 season the next day and the Women’s team will be starting the week after. 
For those new to the club, it's a great chance to meet everyone - and hopefully a few tales of the first games, or seasons past. 
There will be live music, barbecue food and, for everyone who buys a ticket on our store - your first drink is on us!!! 
Cost is $30 for over 18s and $15 for under 18s - it's a fundraiser for the club to make up for those lost months of October and most of November. 
There's plenty of space with 40 seated indoors and 70 outdoors under the current restrictions, but get in early if you want to guarantee a spot. 
**You can book and pay for your ticket or tickets at our online store,

Buy club clothing, pay your membership, buy tickets to club functions - do it all at

Senior cricket training – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Moonee Valley seniors are training Tuesdays and Thursdays - with our women's team booked to train Wednesdays.

Coach Glen Courts is at Ormond Park early to get training  under way by 5.30pm, and we are training in accordance with COVID-19 compliance and safety.

There are strict requirements from the Victorian Government and from Cricket Victoria which have enabled us to return to play, and they have been endorsed by our Associations.

As part of staying safe: 

Players should come dressed ready to train or play - minimise use of change rooms.

*There is no sharing of food or drinks. Players should bring their own food and drink - or can buy an individual, clear-wrapped meal at the canteen.

*Sanitizer is provided at the ground, and players are expected to sanitize hands on a regular basis.

*Any shared equipment has to be sanitized before it can be passed to anyone else.

*Balls will need to be regularly sanitized.

*Social distancing is required, and players are required to wear masks at all times unless batting, bowling and participating in drills which require exertion.

*We all have masks from the lockdown, so players should bring their own mask.

*Players and anyone staying on game day or for training more than 15 minutes MUST sign in and sign out for training with the QR code – and this can be done on mobile phones. People who come into the pavilion must also sign in and out with a separate QR code.

*Under the return to play provisions, players MUST train in groups of up to 11 on each night, and are not allowed to mingle or interchange with the other groups at the session.

*Anyone who feels ill or has any symptoms of COVID-19 must stay away from Ormond Park and other players, and as per Government directives should get tested.

Players interested in joining Moonee Valley can ring Glen Courts on 0403 329 652 or club President Charlie Walker on 0411 705 381.

 See you at training.

Charlie Walker.
Moonee Valley Cricket Club


Our 2019/20 Wisden is now out, and is published on our website. It’s packed full of current and career stats and records across the club, and this year runs to 129 pages.
There are photographs from across our season, as well as a commentary of the season that was.
We’ve also got the Junior Wisden online.
Here are some testing questions from the Wisden. No prizes, but test your knowledge - and let us know how many of the 10 you answered correctly. Here we go!
Our Wisden
*Who’s the only current-day player with a career batting average over 50?
*Who’s the captain of our 2019/20 Wisden Team of the Year?
*Who has bowled the most consecutive maidens in club history?
*Who (a current-day player) has the best bowling average of all time for players with 30 or more wickets?
*Who has scored the most runs in our seven years at the Barooga Over 35s tournament? And who has taken the most wickets?
*The Fifths set a new all-time high score for their grade in 2019/20. Who was it against, what was the match and what was the score?
*Who scored the most runs for Moonee Valley in the summer season? And who was second?
*How many Premiership players made the Wisden Team of the Year?
*Which two players brought up 400 wickets during the season?
*Who has played the most official Twenty20 games for Moonee Valley (37)? And who has scored the most runs?

Read through the Wisden and find the answers. And for a bonus point - who has played the most combined senior and junior games for Moonee Valley? And who has scored the most runs? A hint: They're both life members.

To see the Wisdens, go to these links:  Senior     Junior

     Main Club contact details:

* Charlie Walker - President 0411 705 381; 9370 1802
* Peter Golding - Treasurer 0419 009 721
* Michael Ozbun - Secretary 0448 548 860 
Mark Gauci - Vice President 0457 778 335
* Peter Pickering - Junior Co-ordinator -    


For more contacts, see " Office bearers & Officials " under "Club News & Info" at the top of the page

Last updated : November 19, 2020.
For more of our history, including our Premierships, click HERE
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November 23, 2020

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