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The Stars, the Stats and the History



The 2017/18 Wisden is HERE now. It's been collated, and is jam-packed with 118 pages of must-read information.
We've recorded the highs and lows of our season and our history in stats, words and photos, all contained in the one document.
Dom RettinoYou can also click on the Players & Wisdens link on the bar at the top of this page to find the Wisdens of past seasons, going back to 1983/84.
To check out your knowledge of our club and its teams and players, see how long it takes you to answer these questions. The information is all contained in the 118 pages.

Find out:
   *   Who's been selected captain of our Wisden team of the year?
   *   Which two players reachedthe 4000-run milestone during the season?
   *   Dominic Rettino (right) won the batting award for both the Sixths and the NWMCA: How many runs did he score, and at what average?
   *   Which Moonee Valley team won a Premiership in 2017/18?
   *   Who made the most runs across the 2017/18 summer season, with 607?
   *   Who has played the most official Twenty20 games for Moonee Valley? Hint: There are two players on the same mark.
   *   Who took three five-wicket hauls across the course of the season?
   *   Who scored a double century in 2017/18, and in which grade?
   *   What was Jatinder Singh's claim to fame, leading to world-wide interest?
   *   Who is the only player to have been selected in the Moonee Valley Wisden Team of the Year for each of the past four seasons?
   *   Who has scored the most runs for Moonee Valley over the past decade? Hint: He's one of the 4000-run players.
   *   We set a new seventh-wicket partnership record in the Sevenths. Who were the batsmen?
   *   Our highest partnership for 2017/18 was 166. Who were the batsmen, and what was the grade?
   *   Which grade set a new chase record in 2017/18, successfully chasing down a target of 305?
   *   Moonee Valley was officially the biggest cricket club in Victoria in 2008/09. How many players played in one or more senior games that season, and how many made their debut?

Enjoy your reading!  


February 27, 2019
Category: Latest News

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